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New! Slimroast Optimum Weight Management Coffee™

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valentus slimroast cocoa

New! Prevail Slimroast Cocoa™

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prevail Max

WOW! This product is one of our best. Prevail Max™ can begin to change the way our blood reacts. Watch these amazing videos about the benefits of this product.    
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valentus coffee weightloss Prevail Slimroast™ is a natural coffee which is loaded with natural ingredients. It can also help to suppress the appetite thus encouraging weightloss. Because it is NON GMO, many have chosen to drink it as a replacement to their regular coffee. We have both Italian and Brazilian blend. Read more……



Prevail Trim

Trim drink™ are for those people who are not coffee lovers. Taken 30 minutes before meals, this will help to suppress your appetite.
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immune boost

 We consider the Prevail Immune Boost™ as our best kept secret. It can help many to strengthen their immune system but we have also seen people with improved stomach, digestive and sleep issues.
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Prevail Energy

Prevail Energy™ is a natural replacement drinks like Red Bull. It can be taken any time you feel you need a boost of energy. Read more……




A simple 12 Day Cleanse (every 90 days) to assist in providing an optimal environment of digestion, detoxification and elimination.

Prevail Breakthrough Am/Pm™ is two simple formulas designed for morning and night use, this product will have you fit, healthy and happy all day. A formula that is a source of antioxidants and probiotics that will temporarily modify gut flora. Read more…..


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Here are a few things we would recommend when trying any Valentus natural products:

Realize that every person’s body is not the same therefore each one reacts in different ways and results may vary. Many who are dealing with health issues did not develop these overnight. They may be a result of many factors which contributed to them.

We would encourage you to try any product at least 90 days. Record your health issues and begin to monitor them for changes.

Check out the ingredients. Even though they are natural, they may conflict with certain medications you are taking. Although many people may not have issues, it is best to check with a qualified naturopath doctor if you are concerned in any way.

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22 thoughts on “Check out the Valentus line of products…

  1. Saeideh says:

    Can I drink coffee with this prodoct too

    1. Mark says:

      Yes you can however you should have the Prevail SlimRoast first thing in the morning, then allow about 30 minutes until you eat. Perhaps another cup at noon or a trim drink before supper also, if you want to speed up results.

      Hope this helps,


  2. Cathy says:

    I’m just wondering what kind of calories should I be taking in on the 12 in 24 ?

    1. Mark says:

      Most people on the plan do not count calories but only eat as they feel they want to. We do recommend to eat reasonable and as healthy as possible but this does not affect weight loss unless you are eating extremely unhealthy such 3 or 4 donuts before you sleep each night. Most people find their appetite and cravings are greatly reduced.

  3. hope says:

    How much caffeine is in one cup?

    1. Mark says:


      There is 120 mg caffeine in a 10 -12 oz cup of coffee. This is naturally found in the Italian Arabic bean used and not added. The Trim has 60 mg and the Energy has 80 mg. Nothing is in the immune boost.

  4. hope says:

    Will you fail a drug test with this coffee? I know some supplements such as banned dmma can cause a false positive.

    1. Mark says:

      That question is something I would suggest to ask a doctor. The ingredients are located at this link.

      Thanks so much,


  5. Shay says:

    What happens when you stop drinking the coffee? Do you gain all the weight back? I have about 10 lbs to lose but can’t afford to buy continuously.

    1. Mark says:

      The weight loss from the coffee is not due to water reduction in the body but a control over your food and sugar intake. You could gain weight back but this would only happen if you do not control your calorie intake. If you maintain good eating habits, implement some exercise, your chances are high that you will be able to maintain your weight. Customers do continue either on the trim or coffee, either to control the cravings or just because they like the product.

  6. fys says:

    I work night shift, how you would recommend drinking the coffee. What is the best time to drink it?

    1. Mark says:

      Although we have a schedule to follow, we realize that not everyone’s lifestyle is the same. Perhaps you may want to drink a slimroast coffee (preferably on an empty stomach) prior to going to work as this will give energy throughout the night. If you have other cups or a Trim, you could have these 30 minutes prior to other meals. You should still have the same results.

  7. ewan says:

    could I drink regular coffee along with the slim roast?

    1. Mark says:

      Yes you can drink regular coffee however you should start with the slimroast coffee in the morning, allow 30 minutes and then you can eat or drink afterwards.

  8. KT says:

    Here’s my deal. I work out regularly (4-6) times a week, 20 minutes of weight training and 20 minutes of cardio each session. I eat decently through the week at work, and in the evenings can control my cravings, but the weekends I eat very poorly. And a TON of sugar. All this and I’d be super happy to lose 10-15 more pounds but can never get there, I feel do to my eating habits as above. My schedule/morning/budget will only allow me to drink one cup every day at noon before I work out or just to drink on non-work out days. I read above in the comments that you really stress to drink it first thing in the AM prior to any food and to wait a half hour then proceed to eat/drink. Can I expect any results if I drink it mid-way thru the day?

    1. heart1 says:

      Although we mention early morning, we do understand everyone’s lifestyle is different. The only thing I would mention is to try to drink it as close to your next meal because your stomach will not be as full. We have one customer who only drinks it to reduce their sugar cravings and does not need to lose weight. The chances are very high you will see reduced cravings. The only other thing is that some people will not drink it too later as it may affect their sleep. Everyone is different with this so you will have to use your own judgement.

  9. Brenda says:

    I turned 60 yrs.old, quit smoking & retired from work all within 6 months of each other. I gained over 20 lbs (it seemed) over nite. I have tried everything from healthy eating, counting calories, carbs, moderate exercise, etc and nothing has worked. As a matter of fact I have gained weight lately & not sure why.
    How does your product work for older people? All the testimonials appear to be from younger (under 50). When I was 50 & younger, my metabolism allowed me to lose weight “on demand”.

    1. heart1 says:

      Although the testimonials have shown younger people, we have had no indication that age is a factor in the weight loss. All I can recommend is if you want to try it, there is the 30 day guarrantee if you wish to return it and see no results. If interested, click this link to purchase.

  10. Karen Smith says:

    I am 62 and this product is working awesome for me!! I have lost 13lbs in 13 days!! Feeling great!!

    1. heart1 says:

      Always good to hear about those results. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Sunflower101 says:

    my name is Amy and I am drinking just the trim supplement as I don’t drink tea. I am drinking the trim 30 minutes before my lunch time meal. I am on day 10 now and seeing no results. I do exercise 3 times a week and no longer eat bread. I am seeing no results and feel like I may be doing this wrong.
    Don’t suppose you could pass any information or advice?

    1. heart1 says:

      Valentus recommends 1 trim 30 minutes before each meal or 1 coffee in the morning and 1 trim or coffee before the evening meal. As the drinks act to suppress the appetite, it is good to have these as close to your meals as possible. Hope this helps.

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