How To Make $100 Dollars A Day?

Do you want to make an extra $100 dollars a day or $3000 a month to stay at home with your children, pay off some debts or save up for a family vacation? Perhaps there is another reason? What is your WHY?

One of your WHY’s may be to leave your job. People who are stuck in a job that they do not enjoy can often feel like their life is meaningless. People have been designed for purpose but can feel contained for a third of their life in something they do not enjoy.

Having a residual income stream does not allow you to sit around and do nothing. Instead it can provide an opportunity to give you the time and resources to carry out and fulfill your God-given desires and abilities.

One of the best ways to do this is through your own business however this can mean hard work and unfortunately many can fail. We were not interested in trying to create something from scratch but wanted something which would be simple to start and already proven.

how to make 500 dollars a monthWhy we looked at a network marketing business? The one thing we liked about it is that the products were already developed and were in demand by others. All the hard work of product development was done and could now be marketed by others. We also like the fact that most administrative duties were being handled by the company thus saving a ton of time. The last thing we liked is that it provided a way to produce a passive residual income stream.

The challenges of network marketing. 
This can be a great business but unfortunately it has gained a bad reputation. The concept of this system is very simple and does work. Promote good products – refer others –  be compensated for doing this. Very few companies will compensate you no matter how much you tell others about them.

Many who have been involved with this system in the past have been disappointed because they were promised big dreams but nothing materialized. The truth is that it can be hard to build a sizable business without a good system.

We want to help kick-start the businesses of others who decide to partner with us. Contact us to watch a 7 minute interactive video. if you want more information, please let us know.

We provide information only and believe in a “no pressure” approach to our business. 


how to make 500 dollars a dayChoosing to be in a new business is not something you may decide right away. It can take time and you may have many questions which we can answer. We are here to help people to have better health and also earn some additional income. Please contact us through the chat link at the bottom right or you may decide to call. If we are unavailable, we will get back to you.

Take care and have a great day!

Mark & Suzanne
Emerald Distributors