Income Opportunity

Valentus is growing!

36 Months in business
Over 2,000% Growth in 2015
2.0+ Million units of Prevail products shipped
February 2015 – $150,000 in sales
New update! Valentus now does 4+ million in sales per month as of March 2017

The time to join this business is NOW as it is just starting and few have heard about it.

An exciting audio about Valentus and its products: Dave Jordon CEO, Lila Elliot (blood expert) explains that Prevail Slimroast coffee has other major health benefits than just weight loss, Various other testimonies

Valentus overview call Jan 28 2016

Valentus overview call Feb 2 2016 



View this 7 minute interactive video about the business and its products. Learn how we get PAID 4 ways WEEKLY and 2 ways MONTHLY. The average customer/distributor drinks 2-5 Sticks of Valentus products DAILY! 

Watch this 7 Minute Video

View testimonies on how the products have worked for many people.

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