My Weight Loss Tracker

Our Weight Loss Tracker will show your progress as you achieve your desired goal. Record your results daily as you lose weight and inches off your body.

  • Users can specify their weight and notes for any given date
  • Target weights – allows people to specify target weights
  • Various shortcodes that can be used to display total weight loss, start weight, most recent weight and difference from target.
  • View line graphs for all results.
  • Supports Imperial (Pounds or Stones & Pounds) and Metric (Kg) units
  • Supports UK and US date formats
  • Measurements. The user can now add measurements for their arms, hip, legs, etc.
  • BMI. A user can specify their height allowing their BMI to be displayed alongside their weight entry.
  • User preferences. The user will be able to select which unit they wish to store their weight in Metric or Imperial. They will also be able to specify date format and clear all their weight data.

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